[ダンスコネクション]マリオ・ベルムデス・ヒール、大森瑶子 / [Dance Connection] Mario Bermudez Gil, Omori Yoko


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マリオ・ベルムデス・ヒール『DUET ALANDA』(日本初演)
スペインのグラン・カナリア島で毎年開催の国際ダンスフェスティバル MASDANZA(2018年)にて振付部門最優秀賞を受賞、Certamen Coreográfico del Distrito de Tetuán 2017でベストダンサー賞を受賞したマリオ・ベルムデス・ヒールの初来日公演。マリオ(振付家)の故郷スペイン・アンダルシア地方の伝統とキャサリン・クーリー(ダンサー)の故郷アメリカのフォークロアの動きの糸が交差し、柔和と緊張、平穏と混沌が繰り返す。絶妙な間合いとともに全てが独自のムーブメントに昇華する瞬間に、過去や現在を超越した永遠の時空が広がっていく。

大森瑶子振付 『甘いの、ゾルミ』(世界初演)

【日時】2月1日(土)16:00 / 2月2日(日)16:00
※上演時間 約80分

【会場】横浜にぎわい座 のげシャーレ

【チケット】一般 3,000円、U-25 2,500円、高校生以下 1,500円

詳細はこちら⇒ http://yokohama-dance-collection.jp/program/program02/

*全席自由/ 税込

Features a performance presented in collaboration with MASDANZA, as well as a new work by the winner of Yokohama Dance Collection 2019 Competition II New Choreographer Division.

Mario Bermudez Gil “DUET ALANDA”(Japan Premiere)
Coming to Japan for the first time, Mario Bermudez Gil presents “DUET ALANDA.” Gil is the winner of the Best Dancer Award at Certamen Coreográfico del Distrito de Tetuán 2017; he is also the 2018 recipient of the Jury Prize for the Choreography Contest organized by MASDANZA, an annual international contemporary dance festival that takes place in Gran Canaria, Spain. In “DUET ALANDA,” movements derived from the traditions of choreographer Gil’s hometown of Andalusia and the folklore of dancer Catherine Coury’s homeland of the United States intertwine, alternating between softness and tension, tranquility and chaos. The moment that everything sublimates into a unique form of movement, with the work’s sublime pacing, eternal space-time unfolds, transcending past and present.

Omori Yoko “Zomig is sweet”(World Premiere)
Winner of Yokohama Dance Collection 2019 Competition II New Choreographer Division, Omori Yoko has been noted for her sharp and agile movement, which gives rise to a mesmerizing dance unique in texture. “Zomig is sweet” is a new work that Omori created on the theme of drugs and addiction to suffering. This is an ambitious work that reflects our time, depicting the psychology behind a certain kind of addiction—a dissatisfaction with drugs that do good and cause no harm, leading one to seek out pain and agony to fill the void.

[Dates] 2.1(sat) 16:00, 2.2(sun) 16:00
*Hour indicates parfomance starting time
*Durations of the performace: app. 80 min

[Venue] Yokohama Nigiwaiza Small Hall

[Advance tickets] Adults: 3,000 yen, U-25: 2,500 yen, High School Students and Younger: 1,500 yen
*Instruction for paying at convinience stores is only in Japanese

For details: http://yokohama-dance-collection.jp/en/program/program02/

■All seats are unreserved.
■No admission allowed for pre-school children.
■Those purchasing 'U-25 Ticket' and 'High School Students & Younger' must present their student ID to enter the theatre.
■Due to unavoidable circumstances, performers and program may be subject to change.
■Refunds and changes are not available after tickets have been purchased.
■Please note that travel expenses are not guaranteed if the performance is canceled.

Feb 1 - Feb 2, 2020
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM JST
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2.1 Sat 16:00:一般 / Adults SOLD OUT ¥3,000
2.1 Sat 16:00:U-25 SOLD OUT ¥2,500
2.1 Sat 16:00:高校生以下 / High School Students and Younger SOLD OUT ¥1,500
2.2 Sun 16:00:一般 / Adults SOLD OUT ¥3,000
2.2 Sun 16:00:U-25 SOLD OUT ¥2,500
2.2 Sun 16:00:高校生以下 / High School Students and Younger SOLD OUT ¥1,500
Venue Address
横浜市中区野毛町3丁目110−1 カスタリア桜木町 Japan
横浜ダンスコレクション2020 Yokohama Dance Collection 2020

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